The Cybersecurity master’s degree program is affiliated with two prominent research centers within the Grove School of Engineering—the Center for Algorithms & Interactive Scientific Software and the Center for Information Networking & Telecommunications.

Additional information on faculty and student research work taking place on campus can be found on the Research & Innovation at City College (RICC) website.

Center for Algorithms & Interactive Scientific Software (CAISS)

The original scope for CAISS was to carry out research at the intersection of Group Theory and Theoretical Computer Science. The center is now a leading research institution in Theoretical Computer Science, Cryptography and Network Security. CAISS members conduct research and publish academic papers in a variety of areas, from computational complexity, to the theoretical foundations of cryptography, to the design and implementation of cryptographic protocols.

Center for Information Networking & Telecommunications (CINT)

CINT’s mission contributes to enhancing the security and resilience of the nation’s critical information infrastructure by developing and delivering new technologies, tools, and techniques. The center focuses on research and development in the fields of network security, mobile networks, sensors, ad-hoc networks, cloud and information networks, secure communications, and information distribution networks. Ongoing research includes work in the fields of blockchain, intrusion detection, artificial intelligence, and microgrids.