The Cybersecurity M.S. Program welcomes applicants from all academic backgrounds.

Due to the technical nature of the degree, all candidates will need to demonstrate proficiency in 5 fields (see below), and applicants for graduate programs in the Grove School of Engineering must have earned a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (or equivalent). Applicants are encouraged to contact the Program Advisor with questions on their applications.

General Application Requirements

Program Prerequisites

For Computer Science, Computer Engineering, & Electrical Engineering Majors

No additional coursework necessary

For Applicants with Bachelor’s Degrees in Other Fields

Candidates should demonstrate a working knowledge of:

  • Calculus
  • Probability & Statistics
  • A Programming Language
  • Data Structures/Algorithms
  • Computer Organization/Microprocessors

Bridging Options

Option #1: Conditional Admission

Conditional admission can be offered to strong candidates lacking prerequisite coursework. For those applicants, full admission to the program would be contingent upon successful completion of the required coursework at City College or another accredited college or university. Please contact the Program Advisor with questions.

Option #2: Online Bridge Program

Candidates lacking prerequisite coursework can enroll in the online NYU Bridge program. City College and NYU are partnering together so that successful completion of the NYU Bridge program will be counted as meeting the prerequisite coursework requirement for the City College Cybersecurity M.S. Program. The equivalent of three traditional undergraduate computer science courses, the NYU Bridge option gives candidates, at a low cost, a strong overview of the coursework needed for admission.

The Bridge program is offered 3 times per year during Spring, Summer, and Winter terms. You can contact the NYU Bridge Program staff directly by clicking here. Complete details on the program are available on the NYU Bridge website.